Eeeuuw a RAT!
Mice are excellent climbers and swimmers, they apparently hold their breath under water. Many have been reported being flushed only to reappear minutes later wet and hungry. Mice do not have bladders, they will relieve themselves at will anywhere. They can jump a vertical distance of 30.5 cm's. Mice can reproduce all year round even become impregnated while nursing and have a new litter, usually 6, every forty-fifty days or so. In six months a pair of mice can devour up to 2kg of food and produce 18000 fecal droppings. Mice can live up to 18 months. Diseases are transmitted by biting, infecting food with their droppings, infecting food with urine, indirectly by fleas, indirectly by dying in a water supply. Diseases include: Salmonella bacteria, tape worms, Black Plague, and Hantavirsus (Flu like symptoms that can be fatal).